Services and Products

Applied research activities cover the following areas:

1- algal biomass productions using various technology, such as photobioreactors, ponds and raceways;

2- marine and freshwater fish farming. Innovative fish-feeds are developed using sustainable biomasses. Recirculating aquaculture technology is a must at the Centre from more than 10 years;

3 - bivalve molluscs farming from seed hatchery to culture in open sea

The production of microalgae, used as raw material in the cosmetics and food industry, complies with HACCP regulations and guarantees product traceability.

Its laboratories are certified under ISO 9001 standards for ecotoxicological analyses on environmental samples as well as on industrial products and wastes.

It provides a well-established scientific support service to businesses for the design, start-up and management of aquatic biomass production plants and the formulation and production of innovative ingredients in the food and cosmetic industry.

A service to provide pilot and industrial scale algae inoculum is in place from five years. More than 20 strains are available alive at large scale quantity.

Selected activities

  • Phytocosmetics
  • Bivalve molluscs rearing and reproduction
  • Microalgae large inoculum Service
  • Aquaponics - Fish & Plants & Algae & Bacteria
  • Food ingredients & products development 
  • Ecotoxycology Service 

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